I figured I needed to start a new page for the Grenade Games at the Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival during my Whistler work practicum:

Day 8

I wake up every morning to the smell of sweaty snowboard gear, it is never pleasant. Whatever, its more motivation to get up and update my blog.

Today was  interesting, the grenade games decided to put on a dual snowboarder moguls slalom. Why the hell would snowboarders want to race down moguls? They wouldnt. Thats the whole idea. These were all professional snowboarders, but everyone was eating shit on this course. I think the motivation for everyone was the free hotdogs and beer.

Backflip first run of the day:

Rider – Dave Forin (above)

Rider – Andrew Burns (below)

Winner – Pablo Aristeguieta (above)

Most Radical Dude Award – Mark Sollors (below)

Snowboard Superpipe is tomorrow, should be epic beyond words.

Speaking of epic, last night was the Pro Photographer Showdown. Wow, I think I will strive to be in that contest for the rest of my life. These photos were unreal, 6 photographers produced a 9 minute slide show of their life’s work in action sports. Brian Bielmann (surf photographer) won peoples choice, and the entire contest ($11 000 in total!)

Day 9

The first rule of Grenade Games: There are no rules. Which makes for some rather unorganized events, but it makes everything much more chill and relax. Just because it’s a competition for money doesn’t mean everyone has to take it so serious. I mean nobody got into snowboarding for the money, in fact its the complete opposite. Today was the superpipe competition of this years grenade games, and it was jam format. So everyone can go whenever they want however many times they want, then eventually a top 6 is picked.

Rider – Justin Lamoureux (above)

Rider – Justin Lamoureux (below)

The first person to take out the grenade pinata gets $500

Rider – TJ Schneider (below)

Eric Messier decided to tackle it, he won.

(The guy on the far right with the beer in his hand is my photo journalism instructor.)

Rider – TJ Schneider (above)

Tomorrow night is the most important competition of all the games, the slopestyle. I’m pretty sure the winner gets 10 grand or something like that, I have a feeling all riders are gunna be putting on their serious face for this shit.

Day 10 (Last Day)

The biggest event of the entire festival is underway, the ender bender, the grand finale, the slopetyle. But where’s Brian? It seems I misunderstood our meeting spot in the village, and it just so happens he forgot his cell phone at home. Earlier before we left he said It felt like he was missing something. (foreshadowing?)

After half an hour of waiting I say fuck it, and head to the event. As I get to the gate to get on the course I am informed but the staff that I am required to have a red media pass to shoot inside this event. (mine is blue.) This infuriates me. I attempt to name drop explaining that I’m with Brian Hockenstien, and that I have authorization from John Scarth (Snowboard Canada photo editor). This bitch is unable to be persuaded. so I begin to shoot and around the competition.

Untill I see one of Brian’s friends on the course, I call him over and explain my situation. He asks why I don’t just jump over the fence. I look down and notice the fence is only a little taller than my waist, I feel foolish.

I’m in. Then asked to leave by staff.

I’m in again. Then forced to leave by staff.

I’m in once more. I think they just gave up after that, because the guy who kicked me out really didn’t seem to care anymore. Here are some photos from the contest:

Rider – Andrew Burns, 2nd place (above)

Kael Hill (below) rides the course naked in an attempt to win Most Radical Dude of the Grenade Games.

More cheers more beers, That it that’s all – my work practicum is over. Would I do it again? Oh fuckin rights I would. Hey, Crankworx is just around the corner. See you soon Whistler!


1 Response to “Grenade Games 6”

  1. 1 Laura
    April 25, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    Looks way too cool – that’s so great you got that work practicum with Brian! See you when you get back to the Island!

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