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April 2015

With summer right around the corner, everyone’s getting ready for the madness to start. Hundreds of seasonal workers and thousands of tourists showing up to town. The Rip Curl Pro is next month, so that should be a great way to kick off the season. Not only will I be shooting the entire event but I’ll also be competing in the Men’s Am (wish me luck) along with being invited to the Pro Photo Showdown, which is a huge honor. Speaking of which I should probably start working on my slideshow. Dobis never ends.

Michael Darling (above & below)

Malcolm Daly

Ryan Oke

Michael Darling

Frazer Mayor


The Big C

Some new photos, on attributes of the sea…

Mini Barrel

The Rip


More Vert

In case you were wondering, I’m back surfing again. I’ll never take the ability to walk for granted again, I thank god it wasn’t worse than it was. Since I’ve been about 85% recovered, I’ve been pretty busy getting back to surfing (and working I guess). Hence the reason I haven’t been posting much. But today after this mornings surf, I saw Raph heading out as soon as we were heading in. I got changed, grabbed a coffee and my camera. I guess I missed him, but I did find Pete out there.

Rarely do I shoot surfing vertically; gotta try new things right? (I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.)



Point Break

Ben Harp – Special agent Utah! This is not some job, flipping burgers at the local drive-in! Yes! – your surf board bothers me! Yes! – your approach to this whole damn case bothers me! And yes! – YOU BOTHER ME! And Pappas! Oh, for the love of Christ. How the hell did I even let you talk me into this whole bone-headed idea to begin with. 
Pappas –
Harp! We are working under-cover. It takes time. We’ve produced a few…
Ben Harp – NO! No no no no no no NO! Let me tell you what you’ve produced… Over the last two weeks, you two have produced exactly squat! SQUAT! During which time the ex-presidents have robbed two more banks. Now for Christ’s sake, does either one of you have anything even remotely interesting to tell me?
[brief pause]
Johnny Utah –
I caught my first tube today… Sir.


Random Whistler Road Trip

Nothing like driving 8 hours in one day… Unless you’re in shotgun.
We went to Whistler for the day and we pulled over for quick a landscape photo-op. As it stand where I’ll be shredding this season, that is yet to be determined. Stay tuned.



Most Moist

Yesterday we went out for our first in-water photoshoot!
I borrowed my roommate’s Olympus shock/water proof (point & shoot) camera. Tied it to my wrist with dental floss (tres professional), slapped on some goofy looking goggles, jumped in the water and tried not to get run over – last thing I need is some fins to the face. The quality of this camera is quite poor, but it gave me the chance to see how hard it really is to be a surf photographer. Positioning is incredibly important. Not to mention the timing, since this camera has a terrible delay that I had to try and compensate for. But it all worked out in the end – though I did at one point actually lose the camera… Maybe next time I’ll use something a bit stronger than floss (sorry Kelsey).

PADDLE POWER (Ryan Stobie)

TAKE-OFF BRO (Derek Westra-Luney)

Chance McCullough (above)

Josh Lewis (above)

Quick underwater self-portrait, why not?


Water Is The Essence Of Moisture…

You’re probably all thinking the same thing – “Where are some new surf shots? You live in Tofino!”
Truth be told, I’m really getting caught up surfing myself. Also, I can only do so much shooting from the beach, the creativity is starting to lack. But do not fret loyal followers, I will have an in-water surf photoshoot coming up soon enough (I’m just waiting for decent weather). The quality won’t be the greatest, but with such a unique angle it won’t even matter. In the mean time, here’s a quick shot of my roommate Derek rippin up a right-hander in the corner at Cox Bay. I took this shot quite a while ago, but never got around to posting it until now.

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