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Normally I don’t write too much on my blog, because I like to let my photography speak for itself. But this I’ve got to get off my chest…

Yesterday was the provincial election; which despite what some people might say, it IS a big deal. Especially this one. As everyone already knows, if the Liberals or Conservative parties won then the¬†enbridge pipeline is going through. Being raised on Vanocuver Island, I care enough about the coast to make sure I vote against it. Here’s the point of my story: Ryland, Evan (my roommates) and I went out yesterday morning to go vote. None of us had filled out a registration form yet, but we were prepared to do that once we got down there. When we got to the polling station the elderly women asked us for our identification.

Lets start with me, my drivers license has a Nanaimo address on it (though I’ve been living in Tofino for over a year). She said I couldn’t vote here, because of this. Which honestly kind of makes sense, though I was still a bit rattled at the fact I was told I “can’t vote”. Evan hands over his ID and she asks if he still lives that address (which is in Tofino). He says no, and that he lives a few block away from there now. She informs him to go to ICBC, change the address and to come back. Evan, who was already hesitant with going out of his way to vote (for the first time) was not thrilled about that idea. Ryland is next, same situation – Tofino address, but not the correct one. Even though Ryland had been living in a staff accommodation for over a year which doesn’t actually have an address.

So there it is, the 3 of us were told we could not vote. That is unless we went down to ICBC and paid how ever much money to change our addresses on our licence, even though Tofino doesn’t have a normal mailing system and none of us have a postal code/PO box number. What were we suppose to do, lie?

Call me “lazy” I really don’t care. How many times do you think this could of happened throughout ALL OF BC?! Could that have something to do with the fact that there was only a 48% voter turn out? Could this have something to do with the lack of young people voting in Canada? Could this have something to do with why the Liberals won? I’ve lived in 12 different houses since I graduated high school, am I really expected to change my address every time?

You know what, I probably am. But seriously, lighten up on the critical aspects of the voting policies. I’m not going to rig the election with my one vote, or come back 25 times with a fake mustache and different clothes on.

Either way, none of us voted yesterday. We went surfing instead, before Cox Bay gets flooded with oil.

Wickaninnish Beach, thankfully not covered in oil (yet).


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