Years End

This is my 400th blog post…
Here’s a look back on my 20 favourite shots from 2014, along with a quick blurb about each one. Let me know which is YOUR favourite or what photos from my blog should of made the list.

1. Summer In Winter – Only 4 days into the new year, I was told by a well-known surf photographer to start pulling back on more of my shots. I spent the afternoon trying to shoot beach breaks with just a 50mm lens. (Pete Devries)

2. Wet Wood – This entire camping trip was spent trying to keep our fire alive in the rain. (Chance McCullough)

3. Natures Drying – Easily the coldest wet wetsuits I’ve ever had to put on. Don’t let the sun in this shot fool you, it was freezing out.

4. Morning Glory – Falling asleep to the sound of waves, and waking up to the sound of eagles.

5. Lonely Left – The sun came out for a total of 15 minutes this day, just enough time to shine on this lonely left.

6. Couch Surfers – This shot was not planned. I saw this couch on the side of the road and decided to grab my camera, just as I was lining up the shot these guys rode past on their bikes. (Ali Reynolds & Lew Yallup)

7. Change – While filming for Kooks 3, Mike Snell insisted he suit up on the beach.

8. Rights – I had never been here before this day, even though it was only 45 minutes down the road. I’ve learned that you have to embrace the idea of going somewhere new, even if it’s somewhere small.

9. Shannon Brown – I was only able to shoot this session for 20 minutes, thankfully Shannon threw up this beauty just in time.

10. Longboard Weather – I don’t always shoot surfing with my wide angle, but when I do… (Robbie Ferguson)

11. Ben Murphy – When Michael and I went to La Push we didn’t feel very welcomed, until found this familiar face. Second place is the non-locals 1st.

12. Fogust – Mid summer mornings look kind of depressing. (Shannon Brown)

13. Thanks Sand – This won’t happen for another 5 years, apparently.

14. North – The first big swell of the season. Anticipation was high, and it did not disappoint.

15. Story – They say every photo tells a story, this shot to me really represents that theory.

16. Waterspider – Hard to pick just one photo of this guy. (Micheal Darling)

17. Janek Peladeau – On his last wave, he took it all the way to the beach.

18. Ryan Oke – After spending the past 4 hours in the pouring rain, this was a well deserved sunset.

19. Waiting Game – Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s a bunch of surfers sitting on the beach waiting the tide to drop and the swell to pick up.

20. Malcolm Daly – The best set of the morning, just as the sun came out. If you place your cards right, you can get this place all to yourself.

(Bonus) 21. Surf’s Up – This kid had the wave of his life at the Surf’s Up event this year.


4 Responses to “Years End”

  1. 1 Laura
    January 6, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    Shots 18 & 19 get my votes!

  2. January 7, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    This is a tough assignment… your work has so many different layers, subtle stories you share that reach authentically into your own non-verbal world – a taste of reality for us voyeurs who can only dream & fantasize. I appreciate the fact you also post pictures that push surf only – demonstrating your skills & talents. Again – it’s a tough call but #18 captures it all.

    A++ for the year!


  3. January 10, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    #4 is my favourite. Love those colours. Congrats on another great year!

  4. January 10, 2015 at 10:54 pm

    #15: Waterspider is awesome. Nice photography.

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