An Eye For An Eye

I’ve been pretty uninspired photography wise lately, call it boredom if you will. So today I put together a quick photo shop edit, based on a previous edit I’ve done. Turned out kind of surreal and dramatic, Thanks for sitting still Laura. Cheers!


1 Response to “An Eye For An Eye”

  1. March 22, 2012 at 2:49 am

    As an artist, it’s easy to get caught up in results orientated outcomes. It‘s in the art of Being – not outcome, that we find our greatest inspiration. The medium of photography – especially digital, is highly seductive because it can so easily be staged; we can become obsessed with outcomes, and in doing so, quickly lose touch with the art of Being.

    Spontaneity and a dose of detachment are fundamental for the flow of inspiration and the creative act. Maybe it’s time to lose the camera for a few days, play instead of work, or renounce any expectations you may be consciously or unconsciously placing on your work?

    How about walking down to the beach, into the woods, or your favorite hangout and take 100 shots – just for the hell of it; without expectation, without judgment – without attachment to outcome; it might force you to see things differently; and help you cultivate a new way of Being around your craft?

    I loved your winter work – lot-sa results there “The Mo” and “The loneliest Place on Earth, were very interesting examples of the kind of the kind of spontaneity that keeps vision spontaneous, open and detached; your forced to see simply – what usually goes unnoticed; explorations with results that are fresh, inspiring and highly seductive to the viewer!

    All the best for your summer inspiration!


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