BC Ferry

Being from the island, I’ve think taken the ferry more than enough for one lifetime.
When I played football, it was once a week for 3 months for 5 years.
Working in Whistler we took it 2 times a week for 8 months straight.
With lots of family being from Vancouver, every other holiday was worthy of a ferry ride.
And of course numerous random adventures to the mainland.

With all my vast experience of BC ferries, I know that the most officiant way to get off the boat is to head to the bottom car deck. It might be loud as hell down there, but at least you get the front row seat of the ferry docking. Bring some headphones, and don’t forget your camera.


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Dipping the port underwater during a high performance maneuver is pretty risky, especially when you're not using a wide lens. Sometimes you blow shots, get pissed and keep swimming. But other times you get a neat one of @cohenscorner and it ends up on @surfline ! Even though every time I look at this shot I think about how sweet the next frame would have been, just leaves me wanting more.
#marcuspaladino #artistnetworkprogram #justkeepswimming #riskvsreward #whatisart #ducttapetofino #pnw


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